Affiliate Details

Affiliate Program for GeorgPapp Teachable

Welcome to the affiliate program!
A couple of things to help you get started:
1) You have been sent a unique affiliate URL. When promoting courses, it is essential that you use your unique link to drive traffic to the site so that you may receive payment for purchases made originating from your content.
2) You can access your unique URL link at any time by logging into and navigating to you profile.

Clicking Admin will take you to the Affiliate Area, where you can access Affiliate Details, Affiliate Links, Transactions, and Payout Details.
Affiliate Details provides basic information about how the affiliate program works.
Affiliate Links has your unique affiliate code and affiliate link to recruit people to the school.
Transactions shows how many sales you have driven.
Payout Details allows you to set up payments with PayPal. It is critical that you set this up to receive payments.

Payment Schedule
Affiliates are paid on the first of each month (or closest business day) for all sales made over 30 days prior to that date, a schedule made necessary by the 30-day refund policy.

FTC Requirements
Please remember when promoting as an affiliate to follow FTC guidelines. Please see link below for guidance.

Feel free to use any of these graphics or the graphics that are on the site for your promotion.