I am a trusted source of inspirational travel & destination reporting. My original photography and writing delivers exceptionally high organic (non-promoted) interactions and engagements across numerous social media platforms. When I am engaged in campaigns, my photos and destination reports are seen by over a million people globally. Example: This series of tweets from a recent partnership campaign featuring my photography was featured by top influencing Lonely Planet’s account and was their most shared content for the entire month.  Given this high level of exposure and demonstrated value (Social Blue Book puts a value of a single tweet at $500), my photographs are frequently stolen for unauthorized use. My business depends on the value of my generated content and the ability to assure sponsoring partners are receiving best in class return on their investment.  Therefore, it is critical that my photos and stories remain verified back to my name/account. I am also a trusted source for social media travel marketing teaching companies how to recognize false influence and maximize their ROI working with travel influencers.  Twitter verification is further necessary so that the partners & customers and also my fans and followers who look to me for inspiration are assured of the legitimate source of content. My photos are regularly used (without my permission) by other accounts for interactions and engagement.